The 3 Main Factors in a Successful Relationship

October 24, 2016

When you’ve made the decision to focus on meeting someone new, whether it’s for the sake of a long-term partnership, or perhaps a brand new friendship, it’s important to build a strong foundation. From the first date at a local bar to your first weekend get-away to Palm Springs, the foundation will truly set you up for a successful relationship.

But how can you build a strong foundation?

That’s the magic question, isn’t it?

At ROVR, we’re all about building successful relationships. That’s why we’re here to share our secrets with you!

Here are the 3 main factors that build successful relationships.

1. Communication

Successful Relationship Tips

It might sound cliche, but communication is one of the most important parts of a successful relationship. In fact, some call it the secret to a long-lasting, positive partnership.

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Now, communication is difficult – that, we know. Whether it’s in the form of an iMessage or in-person, the medium can impact how your conversation is being delivered and how it’s received. So, make sure you choose the method that’s best for you!

We have three other great tips for positive communication:

  1. Share your feelings with your partner or friend, regardless of what they are. Keeping your feelings bottled up inside, whether it’s regarding a disagreement or otherwise, will only fester and potentially damage the relationship you’ve developed.
  2. Speak openly and constructively. When communicating, picture yourself on the receiving end of the conversation. How would you feel or what would you think after hearing it?
  3. Breathe, then speak. We sometimes say things we don’t mean, simply because we respond quickly in the heat of the moment. Before sharing your feelings and speaking openly, ensure you’ve taken a deep breath first (especially during a disagreement!)

2. Honesty

In relationships, especially partnerships, honesty is integral to a great bond. While you might be committed to him or her, you must ensure that you are honest in your communication every single day.

Honesty comes in so many ways, so here are our tips to keep you honest in your relationships:

  1. Realize that it might sometimes just suck. Remember how you felt coming home in grade school having to show your parents that you got a C- on a test, instead of that coveted A+? We learned that “coming clean” as children was not always easy, but it was still the best thing to do. In our adult lives, honesty sometimes sucks, but it truly is the best policy!
  2. Fess up before it becomes troublesome. A small fib can get out-of-hand quickly, so make sure to fess up and take responsibility before it does
  3. Slipped up? Apologize. Apologies go a long, long way in relationships, and – let’s be honest – sometimes, we do slip up. If you find yourself in an honesty pinch, apologize – and make sure to apologize first.
If you find yourself in an honesty pinch, apologize - and make sure to apologize first. Click To Tweet

3. Support

Support Your Partner

If you’ve made the decision that you’re ready for a new relationship or friendship, it’s usually because you’re looking for someone to share experiences with and get support from along the way. Of course, in all successful relationships, there is give and take, so be ready to reciprocate by lending a shoulder to cry on when needed.

Here’s how you can be supportive in your relationship:

  1. Always consider his or her feelings first. Being selfless is one of the key indicators that you’re ready for a successful relationship; this means considering your partner or friend’s feelings first.
  2. Ask, “What can I do for you?” When you’re facing a challenge in your life, how good does it feel when someone asks, “What can I do to help?” The same can be said when you are in a partnership or friendship. Selflessness comes in a number of shapes and sizes!
  3. Sometimes, you just need to listen. If your partner or friend needs an ear, it’s important to be there for him or her. Sometimes, they just need to talk – and you just need to listen!
If your partner or friend needs an ear, it’s important to be there to listen. Click To Tweet

As you’re searching for a successful relationship, consider the importance of open communication, honesty and support. These factors will help lead your partnership or friendship in the right direction!