How to Meet New People Outside of the Workplace

November 21, 2016

Oftentimes, entering into a workplace romance is not the best idea. Perhaps it’s because of the awkward and uncomfortable tension that can arise with an office romance. In fact, 5% of workers who have had an office romance say they’ve left a job because of a relationship gone south.

That’s why so many of us would rather meet a prospective partner outside of the workplace. So if you’ve been banging your head against the wall, wondering just how you can meet the next lucky man or woman who isn’t your colleague, this blog is for you.

5% of workers who've had an office romance say they've left a job because of a relationship gone south. Click To Tweet

Here’s how you can meet new people outside of the workplace:

Consider online dating.

Ready for some numbers?

There are 54,250,000 singles in the United State right now. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

This means that there are “plenty of fish in the sea,” with a number of single males and females waiting for you.

Before embarking on the path to online dating, there are three important things to consider:

Know what you want. Are you looking for a serious relationship, or are you interested in dating more casually? Before you download an app, you need to decide what you’re searching for. Ideally, you’re using an app (like ROVR) that features different sections for your individual dating preference.

Decide what to include in your profile. Do you have pictures that show off your incredible features? Do your photos show your impeccable style and sparkling personality?  Always follow this one rule when creating your profile: Keep it current! No one wants to see pictures of you from 5 years ago! They want to get to know who you are today.

Do you know how to best describe yourself? Before you prepare your dating profile, decide what you want to include.

Consider asking a friend to help out. Find the one friend you can trust to be honest with you. Asking for feedback from a third party may help you to create a better online profile..

Get outdoors.

Being active and getting outdoors is a great way to meet new people.
Go outside of your comfort zone on your next run, or find a new trail for your next hike. If you’ve been running the same route for the last year, you’re very likely running by the same people every time. By changing your routine, you’re more likely to see new faces and have different experiences.

Grab those shoes and change your route tomorrow!

meet at a park

Join a gym or sign-up for a yoga or exercise class.

These are great places to meet someone new, whether you’re looking for dating or friendship. This environment is perfect for getting to know people, because they tend to stick to regular workout schedules.

Pay attention to how those you meet interact with others for some insight into their personalities! Then you can decide if you’d want to date them or even be their friend!

Pay attention to how those you meet interact with others for some insight into their personalities. Click To Tweet

Ask your friends.

Have a friend who met a great guy on a dating app, and you can’t wait to do the same?

Lucky for you, this “new guy” in your friend’s life has a list of connections, too – college friends, colleagues and gym buddies- which means that you may be able to receive introductions to a brand new network.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends about who they know, whether you’re looking for friendship or a prospective partner.

So if you’re looking to meet new people outside of the workplace, consider these four tips. From online dating to joining a gym, there are plenty of opportunities to meet fresh faces and expand your connections.

Most of all, let your personality shine!