How to Get Over a Break Up Once and For All

January 23, 2017

Let’s face it. Breaking up with someone you’ve spent time with, whether it has been a few months or perhaps a few years, sucks. The grieving process is very much real; from denial and anger to sadness and acceptance, it is only natural that we grieve the end of a relationship. Though it might seem like nothing will eliminate the pain initially, it’s important to focus on picking yourself back up as soon as possible and moving past the pain. Since we’re all individuals and grieve differently, there’s no way to know exactly how long the healing process will take. Be patient with yourself!

Since we’ve all been there, we all have our own unique ways of getting over a relationship; however, we’ve found the tried, tested and true methods that you can use to get over a break up once and for all. Check them out below.


Cut the ties

It seems so easy, right? Delete their number, forget their email address ever existed, remove them from your Friends list on Facebook.get over breakup avoid contact

In reality, this can be more difficult than it sounds. Trying to ease out of a relationship won’t work, so it’s important to rip off the bandaid now. Avoid contact completely – texting, social media, in-person, etc. If you’re in the same circle of friends as this individual, consider spending some time with others, just for a period of time.

Most importantly, stay strong and remember – there is a reason that the break up has happened.


Eliminate the idea of ‘triggers’.

From hitting the weights at your local gym to taking a walk on your favorite trails, it might seem like everything reminds you of your ex. Activities, your neighborhood bar, even gifts that he or she might have given you.

Instead of trying to avoid these triggers completely, face them head on. Change your mind-set. Rather than thinking of these as negative triggers, address them. Walk down that street with confidence, go for a run on that trail, and head out with friends to that local bar.


Make life changes.

A break up can be especially difficult if you and your partner lived together. If this is the case, it’s important to change up the scenery and layout of your home. Consider getting new bed sheets and change the set-up of your living room.

Consider trying some new hobbies as well. This will give you a chance to meet new people outside of your usual circle. And if you were planning a trip to Bora Bora, why not try Bali? Make life changes that encourage you to get outside, so you can feel like you’re starting anew..


Stay healthy and active.

It’s no secret that healthy eating can aid in stress relief. Consuming healthy food may increase your energy levels and boost your overall mood. By following a nutritionally balanced diet it will be a little bit easier to get through those stressful points in the day.

get over breakup stay active

While you’re at it, consider spending 30 minutes per day going for a walk, a run, or hitting the weights at the gym. Let a great sweat help you through difficult moments.


Be conscious of your emotions.

Throughout this process of healing, you might get so busy that you can often forget yourself. Don’t let that happen. It’s important not to overlook your emotions, so make sure you make time to focus on what you are feeling.

Try to reflect on the relationship with positivity. Focus on what was good, instead of the bad. Look at what you’ve learned, and try to use this as fuel to improve your next relationship.

Through this, don’t be afraid to talk about your thoughts/feelings with friends or family. Remember that you are not alone.


Focus on the bigger picture.

Yes, this person was in your life for a period of time. Yes, you most likely enjoyed your time with him or her, and at this point you might be missing your ex.

Avoid thinking about this break-up as being the end of the world. It’s not. You will meet other people and you will find something better. When in doubt, remember – you are apart for a good reason.


Get out there!

We’re not talking about tomorrow. We’re not talking about hours after you and your partner have cut ties. In fact, that could be the worst idea – never rebound!

Instead, take your time and be prepared. Focus on staying active (remember tip #3) and staying busy. Eventually, when you’re ready, you can think about the possibility of finding a new relationship.


We know that these steps will take time, and that you won’t get over your relationship in just a few days. As with any loss, there is – and needs to be – a period of grieving. As you go through this process, however, recall our 7 tips on how to get over a break- up once and for all. Keep your head high and look forward. You’ve got this!