At ROVR, we are experts in online social networks and brand building. We leverage our technical expertise to create customized white label mobile platforms that allow you to manage communities of your employees or customers.

Drive Employee Loyalty
With 66% of Millennials expecting to leave their current company by 2020, you can drive increased employee loyalty and appeal to this generation’s affinity for social technology. Millennials are attracted and loyal to companies who understand their wants and desires.

Foster Your Company Culture
Millennials want to work for corporations who focus more on their people over their bottom line. Your own internal social application will bring your employees together across your diverse workforce.

Increase Customer Loyalty
With Millennials being the largest generation in US history (92M), your company can differentiate itself by leveraging social technology. By creating your own social networking app, you can capture greater market share and increase existing customer retention.

Move Beyond Email Lists
While massive email campaigns continue to be effective, they are limited in their ability to effectively target mobile audiences. Your own social application allows for direct mobile marketing to your customers whenever you want at almost no cost.

Platform Highlights

Fully customized and branded to meet your company’s needs

Built entirely in-house by an experienced development team

Built using the latest technology stacks to ensure quality

Easily scalable and cost effective for your company to maintain

Take your app to market in as little as 3 to 6 months

Maintenance contracts are also available


Michael Young
Founder & CEO 

Former Founder & Director of The Swing Fore Kids Foundation

UC Berkeley & University of Arizona Entrepreneurship Program

Extensive UX/UI design & business development experience

Scott Ferreira
Dir. of Technology, Partner & Board Member

Two companies built and acquired: MySocialCloud & FreeBike Project (investors include Richard Branson, Jerry Murdock, Alex Welch, & Tim Draper)

Extensive tech experience, including former CTO of Forge & current Principal at cmdR Consulting

Peter Yobo
Lead Corporate Consultant

Former Consultant at PwC specializing in the Technology, Information, Communications and Entertainment sectors

An expert in working with organizations to craft visions and establish environments to engage, equip, and empower their Millennial workforces