6 Ways to Deal With a Stressed S.O.

May 1, 2017


If your significant other has ever been stressed out, you might have felt a little bit helpless. It’s hard to know how to help someone who’s stressed out of their mind! Whether it’s final exams at school or a big presentation at work that’s got bae feeling so overwhelmed, these tips are bound to help show that you care and hopefully put a smile on his/her face!


Be their cheerleader

If your SO is stressed out about something, it may be because they are worrying about whether or not they’ll be successful. When thinking about passing exams, nailing that presentation, or preparing for an important job interview, having a fear of failure is not uncommon. So cheer them on! Tell them how much you believe in them. Tell them how great they are. Remind them that they can do anything. Even if they brush you off, trust us, deep down they love hearing it.

Support stress be a cheerleader


Fulfill their sweet tooth

There’s a reason that “stressed” backwards spells “desserts!” Sometimes surprising your SO with something sweet is a good remedy for the end of a stressful day. Are you a good cook? Then whip up a batch of his/her favorite cookies. Can’t bake to save your life? Picking up a pint of Ben and Jerry’s will do!

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Be their fairy godmother

When you’re stressed and have a million things to do, the last thing you want to worry about is doing household chores. Laundry and dishes are always inconvenient, but they’re especially nightmarish when you have tons of homework to do or a big presentation to prepare for. Show bae that you understand by taking care of those things for them. There’s nothing better than coming home to a clean folded pile of laundry or a sparkling clean kitchen with no dirty dishes in sight.


Remember the little things

The little things can have a big impact! Leave a post-it note on bae’s mirror telling them how awesome they are. Drop a rose on the windshield of the car. Put a love note on the computer. No matter what your little ways are of showing that you care, they’re bound to appreciate it!

its the little things


Ask them what they need

All of the things we’ve mentioned are great ways to show bae that you care and want to help alleviate their stress. However, specifically doing something to meet their needs can often lessen the burden. So, why not just ask what you can do to help them? The answer may be something that you never would have thought of! Maybe their car is in desperate need of an oil change, but they don’t have the time to go get one. Or maybe they just need a hug. Whatever it is, make sure they know you’re there to help!


Never give up!

Remember that everyone handles stress differently. Sometimes your SO may want some space, while other times he/she may want you to be there for him/her. It’s difficult to know what to do sometimes. So, it’s up to you to figure out the best way to be there for your SO. Hang in there, because this too shall pass!


So remember, next time your SO is stressed, you’re not powerless, you can help! There are lots of ways to show them you care and help them to feel better. And when bae is happy, you’re happy too, right?