10 Spring Date Ideas You Need to Book Now

April 3, 2017

With Spring already in full swing (can you believe it?) it’s time to start planning ahead for warmer weather and outdoor activities. While we’ve spent time indoors for much of the Winter, we’re so excited to move out of the bar and restaurant scene and into activities with more – connection, let’s say.

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If you’re ready to start planning ahead for Spring dates and adventures, we have you covered. Check our out 10 Spring Date Ideas You Need to Book Now.


Plan your hiking adventures.

With warmer weather comes hiking and outdoor activities. Why not take a look at the best hiking trails in your area?

Hiking doesn’t have to be lengthy. If you’d prefer to go on a 45 minute or one hour hike and visit a local brewery afterwards, go for it!


Schedule a picnic.

If the weather has been too chilly to have an outdoor picnic, now is the time.

We’ve been waiting for dinners outdoors!

Head to the grocery store and pick up all of the essentials – sandwiches, cheese, charcuterie perhaps. Maybe you’ll even grab a bottle of wine on the way, too.


Visit a National Park.

Did you know that the National Park Service just turned 100 years old? It was a big year, made even bigger with more visitors to National Parks around the United States.

Check out a National Park in your area – and perhaps bring some birthday cake.

grand canyon spring date


Pick up the clubs.

Like golfing? We know you do. It might have been too chilly over the Winter, so it’s time to pick up those clubs again. Make sure your date has been on the course a few times, to ensure he or she is comfortable.


Find a concert you both love.

Missed outdoor concerts in the Winter? They’re back!

Or, perhaps just check out the Spring contest calendar in your area. Concerts are a great bonding opportunity for you and your date.


Check out a baseball game.

Baseball is back!

Grab your girlfriend a ball cap and a fun t-shirt or memorabilia, and surprise her with tickets to the game. We love baseball, and it’s a fun atmosphere for your date.

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Go biking – capped off with dinner.

If you have bikes at home, head out for a whirl and then stop at your favorite restaurant. If you don’t have bikes at home, consider renting some for an hour or two. Then drop them off and grab some food. We’ve missed outdoor biking!

spring date idea bike ride


Rent a car and go on a road trip.

Switch things up. Rent a vehicle that you’ve always dreamed of (for the day!) and head out of town. Find a location that you want to stop at and stick around in the city for dinner and dessert before heading back home.

Or, stay a night. Why not?


Head to a local winery.

Spring means that Summer is getting closer, of course, which is the perfect time to visit wineries. You might even get a great deal on bottles of wine from years prior, as these locations prepare for upcoming bottles on the shelves.


Keep it simple – go for a walk.

A date idea that keeps it simple? Yes!

Walks are great not only to get outdoors and receive fresh air, but also for conversation. Keep it simple and go for a walk with your partner. Stop at a local coffee shop halfway for a little treat.


With Spring in town – and alive and well! – we can’t wait for adventure dates ahead. This season is filled with opportunity for first dates and long-term relationships alike. This Spring, try something different and go outside of your comfort zone. Your relationship will thank you.